Having a moment.

these past few days have been crazy. I don't know what I'm doing and I feel so distracted. It's like my soul is wandering somewhere else. So much is happening right now, I just want to scream out loud 😢 I want to let everything out but obviously I can't. It's weighing here, in my heart and on my shoulder. Really, what does love mean and how one can show the love? Cause what I'm feeling now is like no one cares about me yet they told me they did. I keep on wondering where went wrong? I;m talking generally though, the broken families, how did things go that way? faded relationship, etc. Sometimes I think I better off alone and I hate everyone, I hate dealing with human being 😓Oh god why do I exist. I never knew living can be THIS TIRED. you know, I'm the kind of person who feels everything deeply. I spend most of my time worrying. Whenever someone does me wrong, I keep on thinking about it. It;s frustrating. What I need to do to evade from this feeling? I'm tired of feeling everything all at once.