last teen

How do I start? is it with a hello? because I know there's no one reading this so I literally don't know how to start 😅 okay lah let's cut to the chase. you know I'm 19 now and that means I finished my matriculation programme already! yeay to that haha my pointer for both 2 semesters came out and Alhamdulillah I passed with flying colours, I really didn't expect that I would ace matriculation but alhamdulillah 😀 (to me it's a flying colour because I know how hard matric is and you know I rant a lot about it) I managed to get dean's list for semester 2 but my cgpa is below dean's list because my semester 1 punya pointer won't let me to get dekan huhu but nevertheless I'm grateful and it's me to blame because I main main masa semester 1 😜 so to adik adik di luar sana, jangan main main masa sem 1 kay!! hahah so currently I'm waiting to register for degree which I got UMP as my road towards degree, I am a bachelor of occupational safety & health with honours' student. i'll be entering on this 26th august 👀 I can't say much about this course though because I haven't learn anything and also this isn't my first choice in upu but I redha and I know Allah makes better plans than me so I'll just go with the flow hehe. I did search on internet about this course but my searching has been nothing but to no avail, that's why I know nothing haha but inshaaAllah lepas dah belajar semua, I'll try to make an entry about this so that juniors can read and get the idea of this course. I'm so nervous and this is my second time being away from my family and you know how much I hate it. I hope my homesick has got a little better than last time lah, inshaaAllah. okay, till next time, bye-bye! 👋

p/s: I insert some photos of amazing people I met along my matriculation journey, hope you don't mind hehe

The reason behind it all

Frankly speaking, no one asks me why I write. But being a lonely person as I am, I like talking to myself so basically I'm the one who asked myself why I write. I write because I want something to look at later,when I'm old. I want to remember, even the moment had passed. And because I have no one to share stories with, I think writing is one of the best way to spill my thoughts without anyone getting annoyed haha.
 We often miss the ol' times and doesn't even give future a chance to prove they're better. I'm also one of those people. I really miss how things used to be. I'm 19 now and got so many problem already I don't know what 20, 21,22 and the list goes on would bring me haiyaa. Is it just me or anyone else get the feeling of being scared to grow up? Suddenly you're alone in your own house, pay your own bills, cook for your own and other things that is so scary to described.
Geez, I'm all about my thoughts, my feelings ugh I don't know what else to say