Getting my braces on !! (finally..)

Hey guys! yeahh as the title states... I finally got braces on my teeth!! phew.. what a journey ... I did it at a private clinic near my university since it's convenient for me to go back and forth without interrupting my classes. well, I'm liking it so far, cause I haven't felt any pain that isn't tolerable. I still can tolerate it for the time being maybe because it has just been days and there's no progress yet. it's just my mouth is full with ulcers and it's quite hard for me to talk and eat. the doctor did gave me orthodontic wax so that I can put it on my bracket to prevent ulcers but yeah.. as irresponsible I am as a person... I lost it bhahaha and what makes it more interesting is that it got missing the first day the doctor gave it to me 😂 anyway I have to endure the ulcers yeah, notice the 's'? not just one ulcer guys, more than that!! I'm going to buy the medicine later at the pharmacy so right now tahan je lah :( oh btw, I love the hospitality that the clinic gave to me!! i mean, all the staffs are all friendly and will answer any questions that I asked  even if it's the most smallest thing. the doctors are friendly too and you will feel comfortable letting them do whatever they're doing with your teeth. I remember the first time my teeth were extracted, I was really afraid and I hyperventilated right on the moment and the doctor calmed me down by complimenting my teeth bhahaha nice moves doc 😏 but they actually kept my teeth to show it to their students cause apparently, my teeth are healthy!! yeay to me for taking care of it 😂 eating now takes me hours 😒 it's really hard for me to chew on my food so I have to really eat in small amount until it finishes. yeah it's hard to imagine let alone experiencing it. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that right now I am currently in semester 2 of my degree and hell that's not easy... my assignments are all waiting for me but I still have time to write this #priority 😜 I think that is all from me. will update more later, bye-bye ! 💗

Highlight of my 2017!

Hai everyone! So.... ummmm I have no words to utter how grateful and blessed I was this year, I was chosen as one of UMW'S scholars! crazy rightttt ! 🙌 I don't know how, but I did! that is one of my greatest achievement. I've always wanted a scholarship since high school because I thought it's cool to have someone sponsor me 😂 (Don't imitate me guys, I know I'm a terrible person) but it WAS my objective back then. Now that I really got it, I just want to make my parents proud and myself. Never that I expect to be in the top 100 list, not to mention getting it.. but Alhamdulillah I was and still am  honoured! But I know the challenges after this. I need to work my butt off to always score 3.5 and above or else... you know what happen. This is just the beginning, UMW also offered training EVERY SEM BREAK. that means, I'm not gonna be at home, goyang kaki like malay said. I hope that I'm strong enough to stay in the list. Okay enough about that, I'm already in my study week, and next week is my final 😱 crazy how time flies, one minute I was in matriculation and the next second I'm in my university doing final ok let me settle all that in my mind... woah that is one hell of a journey. This year is also my last year of being a teen. Not that I'm going to lose my virginity next yeaar duuuh! what I mean is I'm 19 this year and I'm gonna be 20 next year, there's no more 'teen' in my age I'm saaad 😔 but excited to know what's coming ! hmm... maybe a boyfriend? hahaha such a lone ranger la 😂 I'm just kidding. I don't need no man CEH for now lah, I'm going to focus but if someone come along the way, hmm who is that someone 😝 okay stop I'm going way off the topic !! wish me luck for my final !! gonna study now sayonaraa oh btw I can speak japanese a bit now just because I took japanese language this semester. I'm going to take it again, for intermediate for next sem, at that time, I must be so fluent in japanese 💁 but for now, osakini, ja mata! #showoff 😂