sweet 18. or is it not sweet ? 😫

well guys, now I'm 18. can you believe it?! yeah, me neither.So much is going on, I graduated from highschool, went into college and stuff like that. Growing up is not easy, I always thought growing up is fun, but meh, I'm always tired and the thing that is constantly on my mind nowadays is only SLEEP, SLEEP AND SLEEP. I need more sleep though but just like other teens feels, I can't. I don;t know why but argh I can't explain. If you're a teen, then you know how I feel 😧and being in college is seriously not fun. I got lied by people who told me college is fun well, maybe it's because I went into matriculation which is a fast track to degree, and yes, it is really fast. ALL things going on in that mariculation is fast. just imagine, the lecturers finished all 44 slides just in an hour! 😭WHY DID I GET INTO MATRICULATION? OH GOD WHYY but yeah whatever is done, cannot be undone. I have to face it. Thank god only left one semester. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I am now in a sem break. Hence, the time that I got for this blog. I usually don't lunch when I'm in matriculation cause for God sake I don't have time. class from 8 am to 4 pm everyday,if you're lucky the lecturers will do extra class at night. The only time that I got is at night, that is only the time left for you to do dinner,  assignments, tutorials. If you want to get into matriculation, think twice. I definitely doesn't think twice before. But if you're strong enough, I dont think you have probs getting into matriculation. I am not though. I cried a day before final because I was too stressed. But, with a little faith left in me, I went through it. Matriculation is not that bad la, but you will get stressed. Trust me you will. Get back up after you're down and for muslims, turn to Allah. Inshaa'Allah everything will be okay but seriously though if you ask me, if I could turned back the time, I wouldnt chose matriculation programme. Tapi, setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya kan. I know there's a good reason why I'm here. Okayyyy enough about college. Ever since my friends and I finished highschool, we RARELY talk and meet which is really saddening. I miss them though. One friend of mine got into the same matriculation as I do but yeah we are not as close as we are in highschool. I got other friends here, she got other friends, we're in separate class. we got into a little fight and pooff everything changed since then 😢 can't blame anyone for this. And, another friend of mine went into form 6 but she was accepted into UITM segamat recently and I'm so happy for her!! hope everything goes well for her πŸ’“

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